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Summer Olympic Games 2016

Looking for some name inspiration?

Let's take a look at some of this year's summer Olympic gold hopefuls.

Team USA is comprised of 554 athletes (262 men, 292 women) including...

Adeline Gray (Wrestling), Aly Raisman (Gymnastics), Brianna Rollins (Track and Field), Bui Baravilala (Rugby), Caitlin Van Sickle (Field Hockey), CoCo Vandeweghe (Tennis), Dagmara Wozniak (Fencing), Dalilah Muhammad (Track and Field), Eleanor Logan (Rowing), Elena Pirozhkova (Wrestling), Felisha Johnson (Track and Field), Foluke Akinradewo (Indoor Volleyball), Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics), Gerina Piller (Golf), Grace Latz (Rowing), Hali Flickinger (Swimming), Heather Miller (Track and Field), Inika McPherson (Track and Field), Iris Wang (Badminton), Janay Deloach (Track and Field), Jenny Arthur (Weightlifting), Kassidy Cook (Diving), Kelly Griffin (Rugby), Lexi Thompson (Golf), Lily Zhang (Table Tennis), Mackenzie Brown (Archery), Monica Rokhman (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Morgan Craft (Shooting), Natasha Hastings (Track and Field), Nzingha Prescod (Fencing), Olivia Smoliga (Swimming), Paige Railey (Sailing), Phyllis Francis (Track and Field), Raven Saunders (Track and Field), Ruth Winder (Cycling), Sarah Scherer (Shooting), Seimone Augustus (Basketball), Tessa Gobbo (Rowing), Tianna Bartoletta (Track and Field), Vashti Cunningham (Track and Field), Victoria Folayan (Rugby), Whitney Engen (Soccer),

Aaron Russell (Indoor Volleyball), Anthony Ervin (Swimming), Antonio Vargas (Boxing), Arman Hall (Track and Field), Ashton Eaton (Track and Field), Austin Hack (Rowing), Ben Pinkelman (Rugby), Boyd Martin (Equestrian), Caleb Paine (Sailing), Carmelo Anthony (Basketball), Devon Allen (Track and Field), Draymond Green (Basketball), Edward King (Rowing), Eli Dershwitz (Fencing), Evan Jager (Track and Field), Folau Niua (Rugby), Frank Molinaro (Wrestling), Garrett Bender (Rugby), Glenn Eller (Shooting), Hans Struzyna (Rowing), Harrison Barnes (Basketball), Jake Kaminski (Archery), Josh Samuels (Water Polo), Keith Sanderson (Shooting), Kent Farrington (Equestrian), Kieran Behan (Gymnastics, Ireland), LaShawn Merritt (Track and Field), Leonard Korir (Track and Field), Merrill Moses (Water Polo), Michael Phelps (Swimming), Miles Chamley-Watson (Fencing), Nate Ebner (Rugby), Nathan Schrimsher (Pentathlon), Nico Hernandez (Boxing), Patrick Reed (Golf), Perry Baker (Rugby), Rajeev Ram (Tennis), Reid Priddy (Indoor Volleyball), Sam Dorman (Diving), Sean Ryan (Swimming), Steele Johnson (Diving), Timothy Wang (Table Tennis), Tyler Nase (Rowing), Vincent Hancock (Shooting), Will Claye (Track and Field), Yijun Feng (Table Tennis), Zack Test (Rugby).  

Some other athletes from around the world include...

Amit Ivry (Swimming, Israel), Asha Philip (Track and Field, Great Britain), Ding Ning (Table Tennis, China), Ellis O'Reilly (Gymnastics, Ireland), Emma Pooley (Cycling, Great Britain), Esther Qin (Diving, Australia), Fiona Pennie (Canoeing, Great Britain), Georgie Twigg (Hockey, Great Britain), Heena Sidhu (Shooting, India), Isabelle Pedersen (Track and Field, Norway), Kaori Kawanaka (Archery, Japan), Jana Beckmann (Shooting, Germany), Laetitia Beck (Golf, Israel), Leona Maguire (Golf, Ireland), Lilima Minz (Field Hockey, India), Lucila Pascua (Basketball, Spain), Neta Rivkin (Taekwondo, Israel), Pippa Funnell (Equestrian, Great Britain), Rebeka Simon (Track and Field, Great Britain), Sanna Solberg (Handball, Norway), Sena Dericks (Gymnastics, Belgium), Shara Proctor (Track and Field, Great Britain), Shelley Watts (Boxing, Australia), Tatiana Barsuk (Shooting, Russia), Tess Oliveira (Water Polo, Brazil), Wei Qiuyue (Volleyball, China), Yuki Hayashi (Archery, Japan),

Aleksander Lesun (Pentathlon, Russia), Andre Link (Shooting, Germany), Avtar Singh (Judo, India), Chen Long (Badminton, China), Colin Oates (Judo, Great Britain), Diego Hypolito (Gymnastics, Brazil), Duncan Scott (Swimming, Great Britain), Grant Ferguson (Cycling, Great Britain), Ian Stannard (Cycling, Great Britain), Javier Carrion (Rugby, Spain), Julien Gobaux (Gymnastics, France), Liam Heath (Canoeing, Great Britain), Pablo Abian (Badminton, Spain), Paddy Barnes (Boxing, Ireland), Pasquale Sottie (Volleyball, Italy), Peter Lambert (Rowing, Great Britain), Rafael Cabrera-Bello (Golf, Spain), Ron Darmon (Triathlon, Israel), Salvatore Rossini (Volleyball, Italy), Scott Morgan (Gymnastics, Canada), Shiv Chawrasia (Golf, India), Spencer Wilton (Equestrian, Great Britain), Sven Erik Bystrom (Track and Field, Norway), Usain Bolt (Track and Field, Jamaica), Viktor Axelsen (Badminton, Denmark), Yang Zhe (Weightlifting, China).  

We wish all of these young competitors much luck and an amazing time.