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Baby Naming Tips


Keep in mind how popular a name is. Your child may feel that they fit in more with a more popular name. On the other hand, they may feel more special if their name is less popular and more uniquely their own. As you see it can go both ways, so just keep this point in mind as you examine the different possibilities.


Although most people don't know the meaning of their own names, this is again something to consider. There may be something you may wish to convey through the meaning of your child's name. You may also want to avoid names with embarrasing meanings.

Religion, Ancestry and Heritage

Your ancestry may point you to a given group of names. Although you may wish to convey cultural pride through your child's name be careful not to choose a name that is difficult to pronounce or strange in the current culture as this may prove to be a burden on your child. Think about using such a name as a a middle name instead.


As discussed above, a unique name may make your child feel special, but one that is hard to pronounce or spell or would be considered strange by his peers should be reconsidered. If you have a difficult or unfamiliar last name, try to choose a more familiar first name and vice versa. Alternate spellings is a good way to make a name unique but again you want to give thought as to whether your child will be spending his life spelling his name as a result.

Sound, Rhythm, and Compatibility

How the name sounds when it is said aloud is an important point to consider. Does it go well with you last name? Try to select names with unequal numbers of syllables as it creates more pleasing rhythms. If you have a short last name try to pick a first name with multiple syllables and vice versa. Finally, try to avoid combining a first name that ends in a vowel with a last name that starts with a vowel as it does not roll easily off the tongue.

Initials and Nicknames

Be aware of the nicknames for any of your name choices. Sometimes you may like a name but not its most common nickname. Also children can be cruel in their use of nicknames. Try to anticipate any possible problems with a particular name. Also, be aware of what your childs initials would be if you gave them a particular name.

Pronunciation of the Name

Select a name that is easy to pronounce. This is especially true if you have a difficult or unique family name.

Relatives and Friends

Naming after relatives or friends is another double edged sword. The child may feel proud that they have the same name as daddy or aunt Louise or they may feel that they do not have their own unique identity. Keep this in mind.


Particular personality traits are often associated with particular names. This is especially true if there is a celebrity or popular fictional character of the same name. Often names evoke the positive, bright, funny, talented, athletic, but sometimes they evoke the negative nerdy, unattractive, lazy. Always consider what associations come to mind when deciding on a name.