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Baby Shower Favors

Baby Showers are fun and memorable.

Our Editorial Staff have included some favor ideas below to help your guests continue to remember the big day and the new baby to come.

After viewing our ideas below, visit the Baby Shower Themes Page for baby shower theme related favors.

Baby Shower Favors
  1. Flowering Potted Plants - There is nothing like a plant or flower as a symbol or sign of new birth. Find pots which might capture the baby theme or theme of your party or just something pretty. Your guests will think of the new mom and baby, when caring for the plant.
    Potted Plant Party Favors
  1. Tee Shirts - Come up with a design of your own or visit a Tee shirt shop to get some ideas. Again, you can use a baby theme, or the theme of your party. You can put the guests names on their shirts. You can make an "I survived Jane's Baby Shower" Tee with an appropriate graphic. If you choose to make your own using iron-on paper, we recommend using iron-on paper for flexible fabric which may be obtained at any craft store such as Michael's.
    I Love Lucy Tee ShirtsWonder Woman Tee Shirts  Paris Tee Shirts
  2. Soaps in Dish - Decorative soaps are a nice gift for your guests. Obtain some pretty baskets or soap dishes, fill with baby themed soaps, wrap in colored gift wrap plastic and tie with ribbon.
    Soaps Party Favors
  3. Pedicure or Manicure Set - A manicure or pedicure set packaged in a pretty or cute case is a great momento of the day.
    Manicure Party Favors
  4. Chocolate Candies - Baby themed chocolates are a tasty way to remember the day.
    Chocolate Baby Shower Favors
  5. Cookie Cutter Sets - Do you have many bakers amongst your guests? Cookie cutter sets, either baby or holiday themed would be appreciated and used for many years to come.
    Cookie Cutter Party Favors
  6. Crafting Gift Baskets - If you have many crafters on your guest list some unusual paper cutters or scrapbooking annotations, wrapped in a basket, would be a fun gift.
  7. Picture Frames - Baby themed, party themed, or just plain pretty frames are a gift that everyone can use.
    Picture Frame Party Favors
  8. Candles - Baby themed, party themed or just lovely smelling candles wrapped in a givt basket is a sweet way to remember the shower.
    Candles Baby Shower Favors
  9. Bath Set - Pick up a variety of bath products from bath salts to after shower lotions, place in a basket or baby shower keepsake, wrap in colored plastic gift wrap and tie with ribbon. Guests will remember the party as they take a soak in a relaxing bath.
    Bath Bomb Party Favors
  10. Keychain with Flashlight - Never a flashlight when you need one? Get some baby or party themed keychains or keychains with flashlights for your baby shower guests.
    Keychain Flashlight
  11. Jewelry - Keepsake charms, pins, earings, hieroglyphics pendants. There is a wide variety of choices, if you choose to give jewelry as your shower favor.
    Jewelry Under 5 Dollars Free Shipping
  12. Crystal Momentos - Choose to give a baby shower inspired keepsake in crystal. An elegant way to tell the mom-to-be's friends and family how much she enjoyed having them at her shower.
  13. Swiss Army Knife - Although it may not sound delicate at first, many women carry swiss army knifes. They frequently come in handy and come in a variety of sizes with a variety of tool attachments. There are even lady specific models. A unique and very useful shower gift.
    Small Swiss Army Knife
  1. Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate in a Mug - The type of gift one usually doesn't buy themselves. Package up some specialty coffees, teas and or hot chocolate in a Mug that has a baby or party theme. Maybe even get each guests name put on their mug. Mixing in a few chocolates is a nice topper and one that will surely remind the guests about the big day.
    Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate in a Mug
  2. DVDs or CDs - Does the mom-to be have a favorite DVD or CD? Share it with her guests by making it the baby shower favor.
  3. Keepsake Box - A small delicate momento box is always an elegant gift. Whether baby themed, party themed, or beautifully designed, your guests will surely treasure such a thoughtful gift.
    Keepsake Box Party Favors