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Predict Ovulation

There are a number of methods for helping you to predict your most fertile time. These methods are based on the hormonal changes that occur over the life of your Menstrual Cycle.

Some methods require more consistency than others, some are better at predicting ovulation, and some better at confirming it. Choose the one or combination that is right for you.

Since you will be looking for patterns when using these methods, it is recommended that you start to track these body changes for a few months before trying to conceive in order to get used to your own individual cycle.

Fertility MonitorsOvulation TestBasal Thermometer For Ovulation
Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK)
- A simple and easy method.
Fertility Monitor
- An informative but expensive and sometimes difficult method.
Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
- Good for confirming ovulation, pinpointing problems.
Cervical Mucus
- A natural, but non-precise method.
Cervix Changes
- A natural, but difficult to determine method.
Saliva Ferning
- A natural, but difficult to determine method.
Ovulation Calculator
- Good for giving a date range.