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Cervix Changes

Used alone, monitoring your cervix changes is a difficult way to determine ovulation.

We recommend that you use this method, in conjunction with another method.

Being aware of the changes in your cervix position throughout your cycle, will help to provide yet another indicator of your most fertile time.

  • Cervix changes are also sometimes monitored and recorded daily on BBT charts.
  • Is difficult to determine as the differences are quite slight.
  • Is affected by how full your bowels are.
  • When used alone is a poor way to detect ovulation.
  • You may examine your cervix by sitting on the toilet, squatting, or standing with one leg up resting on something and inserting a clean finger into your vagina. Feel for the cevix, it feels like the end of your nose.
  • Firmness - Soft, Firm
  • Position - High (easy to reach), Middle, Low
  • Opening - Open, Closed
  • Your cervix should remain low through most of your cycle, but will be high for a day or two, around ovulation.
  • FLC - Beginning of your cycle - Your cervix will be firm, low and closed.
  • SHO - Most Fertile - Your cervix will be soft, high and open during the most fertile time in your cycle.