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Am I Pregnant?

A simple at-home test can help you to determine if you are pregnant.

In addition, many women feel early pregnancy symptoms before a positive Home Pregnancy Test result.

Take a look at the information on this page to help determine if you may be pregnant.

Once you think you may be pregnant, make an appointment for a blood test to confirm.

The earlier you confirm pregnancy, the earlier you can be under the proper care of a physician.

Pregnancy Test
Some common early pregnancy symptoms are listed below.

Remember, symptoms vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy.

  • Positive Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) result. - As you get closer to your period, you will be able to detect pregnancy with an HPT.
  • Missed Period - A missed period is the most obvious early symptom of pregnancy. Although there are a number of other reasons for missing your period, if pregnancy is a possibility, you may want to take a Home Pregnancy Test. If you miss more than one period, you should consult your physician.
  • Spotting and Cramping - some women feel cramping or observe light spotting when the fertilized egg implants itself in their uterus.
  • Smell Sensitivity, Nausea and Vomiting (Morning Sickness) - Due to rapidly changing hormone levels, many women experience an increased sensitivity to smell and often feel nautious. Foods and beverages that a woman may normally enjoy, now make her ill. Keep in mind "morning sickness" can actually occur at any time of the day.
  • Breast Changes - Again, due to rapidly changing hormone levels, many women experience changes in their breasts including tenderness, fullness, and soreness.
  • Groin, Lower Back Area Pain or Discomfort - Some women feel pain or discomfort in the groin and lower back areas. This symptom is due to changes in their uterus after the fertilized egg implants itself.
  • Extreme Fatigue - Due to higher levels of the hormone progesterone, many women experience unusual fatigue. It is import to get plenty of rest and maintain a proper diet, rich in protein to help improve your energy level.
  • Constipation - Like "morning sickness", increased levels of the hormone progesterone, may make you constipated, as it causes food to pass through your intestines at a slower rate.
  • Frequent Urination - Another symptom due to rapidly changing hormone levels, pregnant women sometimes experience a more frequent need to urinate.
  • Mood Swings - Many newly pregnant women experience mood swings, again due to the rapid change in hormone levels brought about by the pregnancy.
  • Headaches and Back Pain - Some women in early pregnancy also experience an increase in mild headaches, while others report an increase in back pain.