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Autumn Names Are In The Air

As Summer comes to a close, the crisp autumn air sets in.

It makes us think of the Winter to come, colorful leaves and autumn inspired names.

Well first and foremost, there's Autumn herself.

Though not a leaf, one does think of Leif.

Flowers fade, Rose and Lilac, Iris and Lilly, Tulip and Violet.

Long drives with the top down on the Chevy, Ford, Liberty or Lincoln come to an end.

There's still the serenity of a babbling Brook and a running River or a Sandy shore.

Time to watch the night Skye for a Star, maybe Antares or Saturn. There's still time to catch the constellation Orion.

Maybe you'll find a Gem or two on a lovely fall walk.

Maybe a Pearl or a Ruby.

If not a Jewel then maybe a Rock or a Flint or some Clay may be found.

Ivy will continue to grow, but the Willow, Oakes and Sequoia will drop their leaves.

Austin and Laramie may not start to get cold but Boston and Washington will.

The lovely crisp Autumn has finally arrived.