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Love Inspired Names

It may be cold outside, but its a time of warm hearts.

Valentine's day is upon us so let's take a look at some love inspired names the world over.  

Agapios - A name that has survived for centuries.

The name is of Greek origin and wonderfully unique.

Stemming from the Greek name / word Agape, the name Agapios means "love".

Agapioses are thoughtful, selfless and bright. Read More > >

Because it is rarely used as a given name and its origins date back to classic ancient Greece, Agapios makes a wonderful choice for those seeking a unique boys name.  

Aika - A serene girl.

Of Japanese origin, Aika bares the meaning "love song".

Beautiful and gentile, Aikas are full of grace and charm. Read More > >

Although it is used less frequently in the United States, the name has gained in popularity in the last decade.


Erasmus - A charasmatic man.

A Dutch Renaissance humanist, Erasmus of Rotterdam, or more simply Erasmus was also a Catholic priest, theologian and vocal social critic.

The name Erasmus means "loved, desired, to love, beloved".

Fatherly and mature Erasmuses are persuasive and forthright. Read More > >

Of Greek origin, the name was used more consistently in the 1920s but has always been a rare gem.  

Philomena - A steadfast woman.

Greek in origin, the name means "loving friend".

Serene and demure, Philomenas aim to please. Read More > >

Although a unique name, Philomena has been consistently used since the late 1800s.

In 2013, Philomena, was the main character in a movie by the same name.  

Koushik - Soulful, idealistic.

Koushik / Kaushik is a gotra of Brahmins, mainly found in India.

"Brahmin" is one of the four major castes or varnas of traditional Hindu society. It is the highest caste, the caste of priests and scholars. A "gotra" is a clan or family lineage.

A Hindi name, Koushik, means "love and affection".

Youthful and versatile, Koushiks are often wise and intuitive. Read More > >

Spiritual in nature, the name Koushik is rarely used as a given name in the United States.  

Luba - Affable and amiable.

Russian in origin, the name means "love".

Strong and enchanting, Luba's are often captivating. Read More > >

Rarely used, Luba is a name to consider if you are searching for a unique name.


Lubomir - Diplomatic and flexible.

Of Slavic, Czech, origin, Lubomir means "peace, love".

Lubomirs tend to be gregarious and personable. Read More > >

The name is very rarely used in the United States.  

Philadelphia - Responsible, mature.

The name Philadelphia means "brotherly love".  deriving from the Greek words phileo meaning "to love" and adelphos meaning "brother".

Clever and sharp, Philadelphia's are capable and determined. Read More > >

The name of the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia makes for a given name with a bit of panache.