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Pregnancy Week 3

Once the egg is fertilized, a single cell entity called a zygote is formed.

The zygote contains all of the genetic material it will need to become a person, including gender, eye and hair color.

It will have 46 chromosomes in total, 23 from you and 23 from your partner.

About a day or two after fertilization, the zygote will begin to divide, first into two cells, then four, then eight, continuing to divide as it travels down the fallopian tube.

By the time it gets to the uterus, a solid ball of cells will have formed.

The third week of your menstrual cycle is actually considered the third week of your pregnancy, even though you are not yet pregnant.

Ovulation should occur by the end of this week.

For some women, those who would have ovulated by the end of the second week, if the egg was fertilized, implantation may occur by the end of this week.