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It's Easter 2016!

Christians the world over will soon be celebrating Easter.

From New Testament to spring inspired, many names come to mind when thinking of this sacred time.

Easter Sunday is the culmination of Holy Week and marks the day that Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

After his crucifixion by the Romans on Good Friday, Jesus is buried in a cave tomb covered by an enormous stone.

On Easter Sunday, Mary Magdalene, and later some disciples visit the tomb and find the enormous stone moved and Jesus' body gone.

Jesus is seen that day by Mary and the disciples, and by many other people over the next 40 days.

Long associated with spring, rebirth, the German goddess of spring, and ancient German pagan rituals, Easter celebrations include colored eggs, a bunny or two, baby chicks and budding flowers.

And as can be seen on Fifth Avenue in New York, Easter is marked by lovely hats filled with roses, tulips, petunias and a daisy or two.

Happy Easter 2016!