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Oktoberfest Inspired Names

Held annually since 1810, the Bavarian celebration of Oktoberfest begins at the end of September and runs for approximately 16 days.

Although originally commemorated in just Munich, Bavaria, Germany, the giant fair is now celebrated the world over.

Let's mark the occasion by looking at some great names of German origin!  

There's Ada and Adalene, Bernard and Derrick.

Barron, a noble name, was the name chosen by real estate mogul Donald Trump and his wife Melania Knauss for their child.

Giselle meaning "hostage, pledge" and Manfried meaning "man of peace, strong peace".

Nordica is so lovely a name that it is the namesake of a large ski company.

The name Gertrude so interesting that William Shakespeare used it as a character name in Hamlet.

Everybody loves Raymond.

From Mickey and Minnie to lovely princesses like Cinderella, generations have been inspired by the wonderful works of Walter Elias "Walt" Disney.

As lovely as the Autumn festival, are lots of lovely Oktoberfest inspired names to choose from.